About Us

Welcome to The Happiness Hub! I’m guessing you’ve found us from our Instagram account, which is all very new to me. Thank you for checking us out! My aim is that this is going to be a friendly place where people can come together to support each other through good times and bad, with the goal I think many of us have – just to be happy. Sounds easy huh?

As this is just getting going at the moment, and a lot of stuff is happening in the background, this is just a short hello for now. I’m Jane, my lovely other half is Rich, and our gang of 4-legged kids is made up of Tom, our laid back collie cross; Shadow and Storm, skinny lurcher brother and sister; and Welly, the cleverest, noisiest and definitely most cheeky staffy alive 🙂

Please keep visiting our Instagram in the meantime, for all things that make me happy – I’ll post there when we get more content up on this site. And how great is Instagram?! I’m very late getting into it, but as my mum will be making a few appearances on there, thankfully I don’t think she will ever start using it… phew 😀

So bye from all of us for now, and we hope to see you back here soon! Whatever you’re doing, have a great day xoxo

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