Why We Are Here

I feel as if I have been working towards offering the services on this website for decades, with everything I have experienced, seen, and learned along the way. I have been helped by so many incredible people, if this site achieves all that I want it to, it will be because I stand on the shoulders of giants 🙂

The Happiness Hub mission statement is a simple if outrageous one: to bring about one billion smiles. That’s not a typo 🙂 I believe a goal should be big, hairy and audacious, and if it isn’t, then it’s not big enough. A million didn’t scare me (plus I couldn’t get a unique Instagram # at a million 😀 ), so a billion smiles it is! We’ve already started, and I hope we can add your name to that number – and if not, please get in touch to tell us what we need to do, in order to bring a smile into YOUR life.

Because a billion smiles is the goal, but you, individually, and your happiness, is what really matters to me. Yes, you, reading this right now… YOU MATTER, and don’t ever think differently, not even for one nanosecond! Or you will have Welly to deal with, because I have trained him to lick to death anyone who does not listen to me 😉

Much love, Jane xoxo