Here To Talk

The service we’ll be offering initially is a real live human (just me, to start with 🙂 ), who will talk with you, as in, you can hear my voice, not just see my words on a message. Because I really don’t like having to type out everything I’m feeling and thinking; I’m just not that fast a typist, for one thing. For another, I like to connect with a person direct, and not via a keyboard! And others I’ve spoken with have said they are the same.

Regarding what we talk about… this can be on any topic of your choosing  (within reason… there are plenty of other sites out there for your ‘adult’ desires!). I believe this is needed these days because when we have any kind of issue, it can be very hard to talk with those who know us best. This is my experience, anyway. I have also had experience in running a few different businesses, and Rich and I have had our own business coach in the past, so I may well be able to help you there.

  • If it’s to do with your relationship, you may just need an objective ear to discuss your other half, before you talk with them. Because you will almost certainly need to, eventually. Communicating even what feels very uncomfortable to you is a necessary step to resolving it. A chat with me first though, may help you gain perspective, and give you things to consider you may not have thought of. If the subject is personal to you, it’s unlikely you’d want your friends or family knowing all about it, so an ‘outsider’ is a much safer idea.
  • If you want to chew over your goals and ambitions for your current business, a side hustle idea or something new already in the works, I would love to talk with you! Having run my own businesses for more than two decades, and lived for 13 years with Rich, who is always involved in something new, and has also helped many other new business owners, this is definitely a field I’m comfortable in. And, I don’t come with the 4-figure per session cost of people who specialise in this 😉
  • If you are having mental health difficulties, I may be able to help. As so many of us have, I’ve experienced various issues in my lifetime. Having had cancer at a young age; learning to live with the consequences; being bullied; experiencing severe financial issues; and many other more general problems… there have been times where I wanted nothing more than to talk with an understanding person. For me, it was sometimes not a subject I could discuss with my family, because I didn’t want to hurt them, or make them worry about me. Mental health is something every single person alive has, it can be good, bad or in the middle, and it is my belief that talking things over is often a great starting point to moving on to better thinking, and a happier future outlook.
  • If you are struggling with your finances, believe me, I have been there! It is often very hard to see the wood for the trees, but this is one area where I do have professional training. It was a couple of decades ago but the theory hasn’t changed, and I helped hundreds of people see a way through as a certified financial advisor and mortgage advisor. Numbers are definitely ‘my thing’, so I would love to help you too.
  • For as long as I can recall, I have been interested in personal development. In fact, were it not for the course I completed in May of this year, you would not be reading this page. I had the idea for this website last year, but lost confidence in my ability to offer something of value to the world. So it is thanks to my own personal development that The Happiness Hub exists, and I believe my experiences may be relevant to many others. Certainly on my course, a huge number of people had overlapping concerns. We may think we are all very different, and of course we all are completely unique. When it comes down to it though, a lack of confidence, being unsure about our path in life, the value in what we want to put out there, and then even once we’re past those issues, just not feeling we are courageous enough to actually do what we know we need to do… they are all extremely common themes. You have great things inside of you, so come join the personal development party, and shine your light on the world!
  • And actually, any other topic of your choosing! You don’t have to have a ‘problem’ as such either, maybe you’re just feeling a bit lonely, or fancy a chat with someone completely outside of your circle. I have been told I can talk for England (huh, the cheek 😀 !), but I also love to listen to people. Rich uses this ‘talking to the duck’ method sometimes, when he has a work issue to resolve. It basically means talking to me on a subject I have absolutely no clue about, and more often than not he will come to the right answer without any real help from me at all. It’s like talking out loud to yourself, without feeling like an idiot for chatting to thin air 😀  Let me be your duck!

Please note, I am not a trained expert, not in the field of relationships, business, mental health, finance (although I was experienced, a good while back, I still wouldn’t have called myself an ‘expert’), personal development, or anything else for that matter. I am not putting myself out there as such. These professional people generally all come with a hefty hourly rate, and can require many sessions.

I have had an awful lot of experience in many different areas though, as we all do. It’s pretty hard to go through life, sometimes learning things the hard way, without picking up a lot of information, and a useful trick or two.

I do consider myself to have a very empathic, understanding nature, I have been told I am an excellent problem solver, I have a great sense of humour, if a little wacky – and more than anything I love listening to people, and seeing where I can help them. That’s what this service is all about. If I think you do need more professional help than I can offer, I will tell you so, and what’s more you won’t have spent lots of money to get to that point 🙂

Regarding the cost of this service, we are still working on exactly what to charge as a fair amount, whilst also allowing me to contribute to my family’s needs. It will definitely not be exorbitant, and it will also not be time-based. There will be no clock watching here; once you have my attention, we will talk until you feel ok, or at least have enough to think about, until you’d like to maybe talk more.

If you would like to have an initial chat whilst we’re still in these early stages, please feel free to get in touch using the contact us page, and you are very welcome to have a complimentary session. I’ll just call it ‘gaining experience’ 🙂